What we offer

Technical Research & Development

Industrial Design

Mechanical & Electrical Engineering

Rapid Prototyping

Contract Manufacturing

Brand Building

Services overview

Cannabis Product Technology Development

We develop various technologies for use in the cannabis industry. Our physicist has multiple utility patents within the world of vaporization technology. We know how to improve, leverage and apply technology within the cannabis industry.

Cannabis Medical Device Development

We develop innovative devices for administering, dosing and analyzing cannabis. Our experience with a variety of mechanisms for dispensing precise amounts of material are valuable and easily leveraged within the cannabis industry.

Cannabis Consumer Product Development

Our entire team has a long history of designing, engineering and manufacturing consumer products. This is our specialty.

Services list

  • research & development
  • photorealistic rendering
  • mechanical engineering
  • design for manufacturing
  • manufacturing
  • sketching
  • CAD
  • electrical engineering
  • design for assembly
  • branding
  • rendering
  • physical modeling
  • prototyping
  • styling
  • testing