About Us

We have everything you need to help you and your cannabis brand develop and launch innovative new technologies, devices and products.

The Upshot team consists of innovation strategists, industrial designers, engineers and prototypers. In addition, Upshot has several experts within highly specialized fields often required by complex product development projects. As a cohesive team, they are able to efficiently innovate, envision and execute while always being judicious with client’s time and money. Upshot’s leaders and their team provide their clients with professional relationships that extend to friendships based on trust, experience and respect.

Our advantages

Brilliant Performance

Our product development specialists have a minimum of 10 years experience each. We don’t doubt that you will fully appreciate the quality of our work.

Unbeatable Skills

Our team is a friendly staff consisting of professionals of the highest level and huge product geeks.

Amazing Results

We always achieve results that will be approved by us as professionals and also by our client, who is our first priority.

Creative Minds

We have set designers who are responsible for creative work in our team. They are always full of inspiring ideas.

Sustainable Design

Minimizing the negative impact of product manufacturing and materials on the environment.

Multiple Awards

Our collective team has won several international design awards and our designers have been well published.

Bright Ideas

Our business model is based on innovation. We strive for making new and innovative technologies, devices and products for ourselves and our clients.

Project Management

We professionally manage all projects through the founders of Upshot. They're hands on and are a part of every project we complete.

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Our History

Upshot started as a traditional product development firm that gained experience and expertise working with a multi-billion dollar tobacco corporation developing advanced vaporization technologies. Additionally, our expertise with medical products and our traditional consulting with cannabis clients prompted us to launch a cannabis-only product development and manufacturing company.

The Upshot founders started their product development firm and continued to work with multi-billion dollar clients developing complex technologies, medical devices and consumer products.

Upshot was founded and several product concepts for the cannabis industry came to life. Along with Upshot’s brand of products and devices, Upshot also works with client’s and their brands within the cannabis industry to develop innovative new technologies, devices and products.